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Business Rules Applied

By Barbara von Halle


Table of Contents


Business Rules Applied builds on familiar concepts such as structured systems analysis, information engineering, and object orientation, enabling developers to easily add a business rules approach to existing practices. Broken down into four parts, this step-by-step tutorial contains:

·       An introduction to emerging business rule technology, as well as an overview of the methodology covered in the book.

·       A sample project plan for the business rule system project manager.

·       Coverage of the mechanics of system requirements, with an emphasis on discovering and managing rules.

·       Detailed steps for conducting rule analysis.

·       Coverage of both data and workflow analysis and how these activities are altered when there is a business rules component.

·       Steps for designing the implementation options for the rules, as well as design of the workflow and database components.  

This companion Web site to Business Rules Applied includes white papers on related topics, case study descriptions and vendor solutions, updates on business rule concepts and tools, and links to other resources. An ideal resource for IT managers and designers looking to automate system responses to changes in business practice, it will also be of interest to data administrators and programmers.



"This book represents a wonderful accomplishment, an integrated, time-tested, means of using business rules to build better systems. Two primary accomplishments of the text are worth pointing out: First, how much more effectively new systems can be made using the intelligence that is currently tied up in organizational legacy code. Second, how much better the new systems will be able to support organizational objectives because of lower system maintenance and better architectural engineering.”

                                                                                                                        Peter Aiken, PhD

                                                                 Co-author of Building Corporate Portals with XML

“There are only a handful of classic books that define the data and information management industry. Barbara von Halle has now written two of those books. Business Rules Applied defines business rule development the same way that the Handbook of Relational Database Design defined data modeling and database design back in 1988. Business Rules Applied is a must-read for all professionals that are serious about managing their business rules.”

                                                                                                                           Robert S. Seiner

                                                  Publisher, “The Data Administration Newsletter” (

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