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What we offer

Knowledge Partners International, LLC (KPI) is the thought leader and innovator in the field of Business Decision Modeling and Requirements.

Our consulting company empowers many of the Global 1,000 companies to discover, organize and manage their business decisions.

Our KPISTEP methodology uses fewer resources, and is faster, more reliable, and more transparent than any other business rules approach. It enables lower cost system development and transformation and ensures the shortest time to market, compared to any other approach. We have added a new focus on Requirements, using our revolutionary framework and methodology called FirstSTEP.

KPI's clients now solve the critical problems that plague many projects: incomplete or inaccurate requirements, and the resulting poor communication between business and IT.
Our innovative approach is independent of technology, and work in both waterfall, iterative, and agile approaches. Many of our clients see their adaptation of KPI's methodologies as one of their key competitive advantages in a market place driven by increasingly complex and fast moving business decisions and challenging IT projects.

KPI provides project leadership to help organizations implement KPISTEP and FirstSTEP; we also provide consulting, training, certification, mentorship and knowledge transfer to ensure that our clients become quickly self sufficient in their capabilities.