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Knowledge Partners International, LLC (KPI) has been a recognized leader in Business Rules services, solutions, and training since its inception in 1996. KPI was founded by Barbara von Halle who is one of the first pioneers to propose and practice the Business Rules Approach as it is defined today.

In 2009 KPI continued its tradition of leadership in the business rule community by introducing The Decision Model, a technology independent model based on the inherent structure of business logic. The model is proposed in a groundbreaking new book: "The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology" (Auerbach, 2009). The book is written for both the technical and non-technical reader, providing a detailed theoretical framework as well as a real-life approach to adopting The Decision Model in practice in business rules projects. It also provides commentary on the use of The Decision Model in an Enterprise and Business Architecture, in Service Oriented Architecture, in Business Process Management, in business requirements, and analysis, as well as management practices in general. The book also updates the original KPI Rule Maturity Model (RMM) - originally proposed by KPI in 2004 and now widely used to measure the effectiveness of the Business Rules Approach with organizations - with the Business Decision Maturity Model (BDMM). The BDMM draws on the experience of the RMM to develop a formal framework for determining the level and benefits of decision management practices in organizations.

KPI’s first book on the Business Rules Approach, Business Rules Applied (2002: Wiley & Sons) has become the standard text for Global 2000 corporations implementing Business Rules projects. The book introduced early pieces of today’s KPI STEP License Program (KPI STEP) and serves as the standard reference for those tasked with delivering projects with a business rules approach.

KPI’s subsequent book, The Business Rule Revolution, “Running Business the right way” (2006: Happy About), is an anthology from different practitioners of real life experiences in implementing business rules governance and automation. It contains valuable insights from organizations that already recognize the ROI from projects with a business rules approach. Other KPI achievements include the co-development of a Business Rules Plug-In for IBM Rational’s RUP, and the development of Requisite Pro extensions for Business Rules.

In recent years, KPI packaged its intellectual property by developing the KPI STEP Program. KPI STEP includes tasks, methods, techniques and software for business rule discovery, analysis and business rule governance. It is designed to fit within an existing software development lifecycle (SDLC), including IBM Rational’s Unified Process (“RUP”). It provides a powerful decision based platform support for BPM and/or SOA projects. In 2009 KPI released a revised STEP that supports the Decision Model and Agile methods, and continues to evolve STEP through intense research and development, and even more importantly through practice with some of the world’s largest enterprises.