Decision Model Practitioner Certification Program

This program includes formal training, project internship, and full participation on a real project. It aims to equip Decision Modeling professionals with skills, knowledge, and experience to perform the role of Decision Modeler on small or large projects.


  • Concepts of the Decision Model
  • Decision Model diagram notation
  • Methodology: Decision Modeling in the context of a project
  • Business Process Modeling and Business Decision Management
  • Rule Family population and analysis, Decision Model Review procedures
  • Understanding and using the Business Decisions Maturity Model
  • Advanced techniques (Decision Model Views, Advanced Notation, Messaging)
  • Considerations in implementing Decision Models in BRMS technology

Target audiences

  • Entry-level or experienced business analysts seeking to add Decision Model deliverables to projects
  • Recent college graduates with degrees in IT or business
  • Professionals in various business fields (e.g., healthcare, financial services, other) desiring Decision Model skills for their field
  • QA professionals seeking Skills in Decision Modeling
  • Project managers for Decision Model projects

New Skills

  • Understand the benefits and concepts of a Decision Model
  • Create Decision-aware business processes
  • Ability to create Decision Models for manual and automated decisions
  • Recognize and solve Decision Model logic issues in real-world projects
  • Relate decision models to business performance
  • Lead Decision Modeling teams; create a Decision Model scope and project plan
  • Conduct a formal Decision Model walk-through
  • Evaluate someone else's Decision Models 


  • Attend 2-day Training (online or face-to-face)
  • Read section 1 of book, be familiar with section 2 of book as reference
  • Practice on a real project for 6 months (within 1 year of the training)
  • Submit a written exam
  • Orally defend/explain a Decision Model
  • Overview of Decision Model diagram notation
  • Review of specific Decision Model contents
  • Issues that arose and how they were solved