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"I have attended several conference presentations by the authors over the last couple of years. They present the clearest, most concise explanation of how business decisions should be organized an analyzed before designing processes that incorporate them that I have heard."

Richard Ellis, PMP 

..................................  ... one of the classic books of a new era in computing ...

Opher Etzion, IBM Research Laboratory Haifa

 ... a significant addition to our industry's body of knowledge.

Dave Hay, Capgemini Financial Services and Bestselling Author

"Finally, another 'missing link' in the methodology solved!! I love this book!!Many of the business processes/ functionality required require business logic to determine 'what next'. People easily put a decision box/ an activity within the process flow without decomposing the business logic into its atomic elements. This is a truly fascinating book and I have found others also exploring the same. Definitely needs to be included in the core banking replacement projects - so many of the business rules / logic are buried in code etc..using this approach (if you don't already have one), provides great insight into the the ACTUAL business requirements.

Jeanette Sjoberg, SAP Solution Architect

"Everything you need to know about business rules, decision management, software engineering, product requirements, QA and beyond."

Kenny Shi, Manager Software Engineering at eBay

 ... on the mark ... a roadmap to successful use of business rules.

Arne Herenstein, Insurance Industry Executive

 ... a new approach to improve the elicitation and quality of functional requirements and corresponding test cases in the development of systems .

William D. Miller, Stevens Institute of Technology

 "Beyond business rules this book provides a platform for rethinking how to view, design, execute, and govern business logic. The Decision Model directly correlates business logic to the business drivers behind it, allowing it to be used as a lever for meeting changing business objectives and marketplace demands."

Alan Thompson, Clinical Analyst at UCF College of Medicine Regional Extension Center

"Just simple, great, comprehensive. I recommend to anyone who is serious about getting more performance out of their core business processes. "

Jean-Baptiste Dezard, Market Managers Leader, Software Group, France at IBM

 ... may very well change the way we define information systems in the future.

Nadav Nahshon, Enterprise Data Architect

 ... covers the full spectrum of what you need to know when adopting decision management.

Carole-Ann Matignon, FICO

"This is one of those books that immediately gets your attention with a serious application of a model and method to manage business logic independent of architecture instantiation. Scanned it, read it and now I'm going back through to footnote it. A real eyeopener for anyone who wondered at what level "business logic" needs to be expressed to make it actionable."

Mark Mellblom, Chief Methodologist at Pragmatica Innovations

"Working with Barbara and Larry has been a treat, this book is a must read for individuals and organizations trying to understand what decisions are critical success factors in their business and projects."

Kent Barnett, Management Consultant

 ... explains how to apply the model to directly benefit requirements planning, business processes, enterprise architecture and enterprise decision-making.

Robert S. Seiner, KIK Consulting and

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desc model


The Decision Model

A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology

Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg

Despite much growth in SOA, BPM, and EDM technology, there remains an important missing link, The Decision Model. Introduced in this book, TheDecision Model adds simplicity and rigor to the way we view, leverage, and automate business rules in much the same way as the Relational Model did for data. The first to reveal a model of business logic, complete with a well-defined structure and three forms of normalization, structural and integrity principles, this book has the potential to emerge as a classic reference. This groundbreaking work can change the game between business managers and IT professionals and deliver a foundation for a new generation of software.

bus rule

The Business Rule Revolution

Running Business the Right Way

Editors: Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg

Learn from an anthology of contributing authors and experts who share, step-by-step, how to justify and manage the ROI for the BR Approach. The book covers the business's perspective and the technology perspective.

Authors represent the healthcare industry, financial services experience, state and federal government experience, and senior practitioners spanning many industries.

 bus rules applied  

Business Rules Applied

Building Better Systems Using the Business Rules Approach

Barbara von Halle

Business Rules Applied builds on familiar concepts such as structured systems analysis, information engineering, and object orientation, enabling developers to easily add a business rules approach to existing practices. Broken down into four parts, this step-by-step tutorial contains:

An introduction to emerging business rule technology, as well as an overview of the methodology covered in the book.
A sample project plan for the business rule system project manager.
Coverage of the mechanics of system requirements, with an emphasis on discovering and managing rules.
Detailed steps for conducting rule analysis.
Coverage of both data and workflow analysis and how these activities are altered when there is a business rules component.
Steps for designing the implementation options for the rules, as well as design of the workflow and database components.

handbook relational 1  

The Handbook of Relational Database Design
Candace Fleming and Barbara von Halle

A best selling classic over the last twenty years, and a staple of academic courses on relational database design, this book is liberally quoted from in The Decision Model; principles of the relational model inspired the ideas behind the Decision Model, helping to build the rigor of the new model. This book helps the reader understand the ideas and practical value behind the relational model.

Product Description
Providing a practical and proven approach to designing relational databases, this book contains two complementary design methodologies: logical data modeling and relational database design. The design methodologies are independent of product-specific implementations and have been applied to numerous relational product environments.

From the Back Cover
designing relational databases. It contains two complementary design methodologies: logical data modeling and relational database design. The design methodologies are independent of product-specific implementations and have been applied to numerous relational product environments