Engagement Model

KPI's services are designed to provide its clients with efficient and successful skills and knowledge transfer


Pilot Project

During the Pilot Project, KPI introduces the client to The Decision Model and the KPISTEP methodology based on a client-specific situation. During a two to four week initial project the customer's team is in "look and learn mode" in order to understand how The Decision Model fits into their organization and its specific benefits.

Deliverables of Pilot Project:

  • Training
  • Selected candidate business decisions for the Pilot
  • High level process model for the Pilot Project
  • Target scope and motivations statement
  • Decision Models
  • Populated Rule Family Tables
  • Decision Architecture
  • Recommendation of tools to support future architecture
  • Productivity Analysis and Level of Effort Estimate for a Target Project
  • Target Project Approach and Project Plan


Target Project

Target Projects Increments are fixed price project cycles of up to three months and mark the start of the skills transfer process from KPI to the Client.



The STEPment program is designed to provide project teams with support and mentoring in a meaningful but affordable manner to conclude the knowledge transfer effort.

Typically it is for clients have completed the provisional license program and training, and are in different stages of implementing the STEP methodology. It is also useful for teams who feel they need additional support and Independent Verification and Validation IVV of their work. It can be combined with STEP training.