Value Proposition

Do you believe that two Business Analysts on two different occasions will come back with the same Business Logic (Business Rules) elicited from the same Subject Matter Expert ?

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 We asked this question thousands of Executives, IT Managers, Business and System Analysts during the last couple of years at conventions, IIBA Chapter meetings, webinars and in discussions with prospects. The answer is always the same: "No".

Business Logic is the single most important differentiator of your company. But for many enterprises harvesting Business Logic remains a flawed and chaotic process. How is it possible that it is widely accepted that two independently operating Business Analysts will document the input of the same Subject Matter Expert (SME) differently? Why is it tolerated, that two programmers will not derive to the same software code based on the input of one and the same Business Analyst?

This current state of randomness, when it comes to perceive, organize and manage the business logic behind business decisions was the key motivation for the Managing Partners of Knowledge Partner International, LLC (KPI), Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg to invented a new Business Logic Framework called "The Decision Model" that is rigorous, easy to understand and enables its users to produce following results:

Business Logic that is replicable, understandable for Business, consumable for IT and consistent all the time.

The Decision Model holds the promise to become as important for Business Logic as the Relational Model was for data.

We invite you to unleash the Age of Logic and to learn more about our new and ground breaking Business Logic approach and framework.