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The Five Most Important Differences Between The Decision Model and Business Rule Approaches

(They are not by accident!)

While many organizations have already adopted The Decision Model, others are actively exploring how it may improve or totally replace their current business rules approaches. The latter are asking the critical question:

How is The Decision Model different from what we are doing and why are these differences important?
This webinar answers that question.


What you need to know about The Decision Model

The Decision Model impacts:

  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Rule Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Testing
It is a new way of looking at Business Logic. Often called "business rules" before, business logic is what drives the decisions in our business. Instead of trying to manage the logic one business rule at a time, the Decision Model groups the rules into their natural logical groups to create the structure that make the model so simple to understand, communicate and manage.
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