KPISTEP is the proven method of leveraging The Decision Model for specific projects, enabling organizations to dramatically reduce the cost and time to discover business rules, business logic and maintain them over time. KPISTEP is fast paced and effective, particularly for industries with high volumes of complex business decisions in a dynamic business environment.

KPI provides a set of services focused on transferring skills to client personnel who become self-sufficient in their practice of KPISTEP. As part of a business transformation initiative, a requirements project or a full systems development, KPISTEP leads subject matter experts and business analysts through the inception, development, validation, and change of business rules and logic organized into normalized Decision Models.


STEP Method

The STEP implementation methodology gives the user a valuable "how-to" practical set of activities.

The five steps are:

  • STEP 1a: Align Business Motivation and Metrics
  • STEP 1b: Manage Scope and Effort
  • STEP 2: Document Process to Decision
  • STEP 3: Build the Glossary
  • STEP 4: Populate The Decision Model – harvest rules from:
  • Documents
  • People
  • Code
  • STEP 5: Analyze The Decision Models for integrity and business motivation