The STEPment program is designed to provide project teams with KPISTEP and FirstSTEP support and mentoring in a meaningful but affordable manner to conclude the Knowledge transfer effort.

Typically it is for projects that have just completed the Provisional License Program and training, and are in their first stages of implementing the STEP Methodology. It is also useful for teams who feel they need additional support and Independent Verification and Validation (IVV) of their work. It can be combined with STEP training modules.

STEPment provides effective knowledge transfer to help clients to become practitioners of KPI's unique methods and approaches and includes a on- and off-site component.The on-site component is one (1) full week of a STEP mentor for each five (5) weeks of the STEPment engagement, or two weeks for each full block of 12 weeks. During this week the STEP Mentor is on-site full time, and the focus is on assisting in organization, approach, and skills application of the team members.

The off-site component is part-time, where the STEP Mentor reviews sample deliverables for quality, consults on inquiries from the team members, and provides guidance and training to the team as necessary so the team is able to produce high-quality deliverables.

Consultation is by conference call and web conferences, and the STEP Mentor is expected to provide between 20% and 30% of a Full Time Equivalent resource to fulfill this function

Each client is generally assigned a primary STEPment Mentor, but in the event of that Mentor being unavailable for an urgent request, the primary Mentor may be substituted by a Support Mentor.